LPP Rodeo Roundup

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Rodeo is one of the most exciting contests in the world. From bull riding to chuckwagon racing, discover what makes a rodeo so thrilling and what it takes to be a rodeo cowboy:

• Steer wrestling, or bulldogging, is a very fast event where cowboys try to wrestle a steer to the ground in less than 7 seconds

• A saddle bronc rider must stay on the bucking horse for 8 seconds, holding the reins with one hand and keeping the other hand high in the air

• In team roping two cowboys, the header and the heeler, work together to rope a steer’s head and back legs

• The rodeo clown has the most dangerous job of all; he tries to distract the bull after a rider has been bucked off

• In barrel racing a horse and rider gets a no-time score if they knock over a barrel or make a mistake running the pattern

• Mutton busting is an event where kids aged 4 to 7 try to ride a sheep

• Chuckwagon racing is one of the most thrilling rodeo events; the chuckwagon and the outriders have to race around barrels in a figure 8 without knocking them over