1 Cup Bag "Bodacious Chili Powder"

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So you’re going to throw a fandango and feed 20+ folks including the bunkhouse crew, neighbors, all the family and a couple fiddlers. Well, this black bag has one full cup of Bodacious Chili Powder that should do the job. Gather up a humungous chili pot, chili ingredients and get to brewin’ up a batch of “Texas Red.” Don’t forget the shredded cheese, chopped onions, diced jalapeños, sour creme (for the weak of heart) and a big bunch of warm tortillas. Maybe grill some andouille and hot dogs or lather up a bunch of ribs. Might want to have a designated stirrer to keep the flavors mixed. Now two-step or waltz the afternoon away while the chili is simmerin’. Yee haw!